The holidays have quickly snuck upon us again and it’s that time of the year. Holiday shopping! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, birthdays, anniversaries, or maybe a gift for just because. My family and I have always been prolific gift givers, so much so that all of our houses are just filled with..stuff.

This year I’m more in the mood for more personalized gifts. The pandemic has already kept a lot of the family apart these past few years, the thing I miss the most is seeing everyone’s faces. My little nephew was just a little, bitty thing the last time I saw him but is already walking and talking now and I hate missing out. Sometimes another gift box of expensive perfumes and lotions just isn’t all that satisfying anymore.

I got tired of printing out all of the photos my family sends me and honestly, even taking them to the photo department at Walgreens/CVS doesn’t give the best results. They’re always a bit grainy looking and it seems like no matter what, they print the photos on the cheapest material.

Personalized Canvas Prints

This year I wanted to venture out and search for better options and found Easy Canvas Prints. They offer any size canvas prints that can also be made in metallic or acrylic material.

Also while searching for what other options they have, I learned they can also create high quality photograph prints on blankets, pillows, mugs, calendars, and well…pretty much anything you can think of slapping your pretty face on. Even masks for COVID-19!

How cute are these?!

I have not tried these specialty products but I can tell you the canvas prints are definitely museum quality and as beautiful as the website claims. I am interested in making face masks, more for myself and my own designs, and possibly a big fuzzy blanket to keep on the sofa.

The best part is that it’s pretty simple to create a product. You just upload what picture or design you’d like to use on to the website. Pick a product type and size. You can easily customize different size items if the preset options don’t fit what you need.

The entire store is having a huge, holiday blow out sale with prices slashed all the way down to 93 % off. That’s pretty insane. A small 8 by 8 canvas was once over $70 can now easily be bought for just $5. That’s sick!

They also make great decorations for a professional studio or art project as well. I’m big on large, minimal styling locations with the center decoration piece to highlight and accent the beauty of a venue.

So chic and modern!

The prints I got weren’t as big as this beautiful piece but even with a larger piece, I didn’t feel like the image looked warped or stretched at all. And since the prints can come in different materials like metallic or acrylic, you can customize a more glossy or matte finish.

Fortunately, it seems these sales run often enough so they should still be currently available. Even if the prices change, it doesn’t hurt to ask their customer service if they’ll honor sale prices, especially with the holiday season coming.

These masks will definitely come in handy especially with the delta, omicron, whatever variants that we’ll be getting hit with hard this winter. Be sure to stay safe and protect yourself in style!

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