Can steel tongue drums heal your anxiety naturally? An unforeseen side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is a 40% increase in mental health issues. Reclaim yourself and your life with out any harsh medications.

Natural Vibrations From Earth

When it comes to spirituality people are wary of more holistic approaches coming from quack doctors. The cure to anxiety is not some new medicine that big pharma concocted that may only offer temporary relief or even more terrifying, make things worse.

From the beginning of time, tribes and communities across all culture have used the sounds of nature and organic noises to evoke feelings of celebration, spirituality, mourning, and war.

Why Steel Tongue Drums?

The strong meditative tones of the steel tongue drum instrument is calming and great for relaxing anytime. Meditation. Yoga. Sound Therapy. Hiking. Camping. Music Development. Simply place your hands around one of the drums and instantly master the art of playing blissful music.


Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the ancient drum. Do you feel that? It’s almost impossible to have other thoughts with the high frequency, low vibration sounds entering your body.

Even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body, you’ll find steel tongue drums extremely easy to learn. There are a plethora of tutorials you can find online or you can just follow the beat of your heart and inner vibrations. The key is to empty your mind and open up your body’s natural chakras.

Follow These Steps to begin:
1. Simply begin tapping different areas of the drum any way you’d like. Get familiar with the higher and lower tones.
2. Slower rhythms will help ease racing thoughts and put you in a cathartic state. Faster rhythms can help clear aggression and work out inner turmoil bubbling within.
3. If you are a bit shy, find a simple 4-8 beat melody and try to replicate it as best as possible. The great thing with these drums are that even just practicing and learning is healing in itself.
4. With the number of slats or “tongues” equal to the number of notes it can produce. You can either use mallets or your own hands to produce sound.
5. Always remember to empty your mind and BREATHE.

Don’t allow anxiety to waste anymore of your time. Life is too short to be immobile with toxic thoughts and feelings. Reclaim your life and change the time you have left.

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