• Beats Wireless Earbuds vs Alternatives

    Beats Wireless Earbuds vs Alternatives

    Choosing the right paid of wireless earbuds can be a bit a difficult task. If you’re like me and have held on to wired options for this long, you’ll know the pain of upgrading your new iPhone and not having a headphone jack. Wireless earbuds can really differ on quality, comfort, and price. Should you go with the more expensive, name brand options like Beats Wireless Earbuds or go for a bit more affordable, but high quality alternative? I have always been a fan of Beats headphones but am not sure that I’m committed to spending close to $200 bucks on something I’ll probably lose immediately!

    Beats Wireless Earbud Options

    Currently, Beats headphones offer three different wireless options:

    Beats Studio Buds $149.99

    Power Beats Pro $179.95

    Beats Fit Pro $199.99

    Beats Studio Buds

    The Beats Studio Buds is the cheapest option, all though $149.99 is nothing to scoff at and rivals the price of Apple Airpods. It includes Active Noise Cancelling as well as transparency mode in case you still want to hear outside sounds. There is full audio plus microphone capability to ensure the clearest sound when listening to music or making calls.

    They have a sleek, minimal design and are super light-weight weighing just about 5 grams. There isn’t an on-device volume functionality but there is a physical universal control button to play, pause, stop, and take calls.
    It has a powerful, balanced sound and up to 8 hours of listening time.

    Powerbeats Pro

    The Powerbeats Pro would be the best option for the more active listeners with its adjustable, secure-fit earhooks that wrap around your ears. It has a powerful sound with dynamic range and noise isolation. The reinforced design helps keep the earbuds in place through sweat, incremental weather, and high running activity.

    The Powerbeats Pro have full on-device functionality with volume and track control. The high quality microphone makes it convenient to take calls in any noisy environment as well as access Siri hands-free. You can listen up to 9 hours with the Powerbeats Pro.

    Beats Fit Pro

    The Beats Fit Pro includes Active Noise cancelling as well as transparency mode. The devices are super comfortable and include secure-fit wingtips to help keep the earbuds in place. These use a custom acoustic platform to deliver a high quality sound. There’s also dynamic head tracking which uses gyroscopes and accelerometers to adjust the sound as you turn your head making listening to music a more immersive experience that pairs well with your current activity.

    These wireless earbuds have up to 6 hours of listening time.

    All devices are compatible with Apple and Android devices and include Apple H1 chips which allows automatic switching between devices, audio sharing with another pair of Beats or Apple airpods, and hands-free access to Siri. They also include on-device functionality where you can play, pause, fast forward/rewind, and take calls directly on the earbud. If you purchase any Beats earbuds, products come with a pocket-size charging case and three different size options.

    Beats Wireless Earbuds Alternatives

    Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

    The Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds are another great if you’re seeking the highest quality sound and world-class noise cancelling technology. These include noise cancelling as we well as transparency mode all with high-fidelity audio. They have a simple yet comfortable design and include 3 different sizes of eartips for accurate comfort. The device includes simple touch controls to play, pause, and skip with ease.

    These earbuds are IPX4-rated so they can withstand sweat, water, and some inclement weather. They have a slight winged hook fo you can ensure they won’t fall out of your ears. With a full charge, you can expect up to 6 hours of listening time.

    TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds

    The TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds are a great, affordable option, especially for those with active lifestyles and who are always on the go. All functionality can be easily accessed on device from play/stop/pause, fast forwarding/rewinding, changing the volume, and taking calls.

    They may not be the top-of-the-line when it comes to comfort without the silicone eartips but they’ll surely stay in your ears during all activities. The earbuds and pocket-size charger are coated with Nano-coating making them waterproof. These have an average listening time of up to 6 hours.

    SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 True Wireless

    If quality is a feature you don’t want to skimp out on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 would definitely fit your needs, especially if hearing high quality music is what you’re seeking. The Active Noise Cancellation blocks out unwanted, outside sounds and the Low latency Ambient Sound mode picks up all of the sounds you want to hear so you have the perfect listening capability at all times.

    There is easy, tap technology to play/pause/skip music or to pick up calls as needed. The built-in microphone always ensures crisp volume, no matter how noisy your environment is. They are so comfortable, you’d almost forget you’re wearing them at all if there wasn’t the high quality bass bumping in your ear. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 have an expected listening time of up to 7.5 hours.

  • Gua Sha – The Chinese Beauty Secret

    Gua Sha – The Chinese Beauty Secret

    All right. Here it is. An ancient Chinese beauty secret that has taken the beauty industry by storm.
    Some would consider it a natural face lift, delivered by a small handheld gemstone. What is gua sha?

    Gua sha is a very old, traditional Chinese healing and beauty method where you use a smooth-edged tool to stroke your skin while exerting pressure. The repeated motions raises temporary small, red, streaks known as petechiae or sha.

    There are many benefits and uses of the gua sha method for beauty and general health.

    It is most commonly used to increase lymphatic drainage which can help reduce puffiness, tenseness, fatigue, muscle soreness, and headaches.

    Facial gua sha, which has becoming increasingly popular even outside of China, it amazing for reducing puffiness, cystic acne, smothing, lifting, and sculpting the skin.

    Since the gua sha stone helps remove and calm down lymph and other fluids from your face, your skin tightens, appears smoother, and becomes more chiseled. A true, natural, and cheap face lift! The pressure from rubbing the precious stone on your face also helps improve blood circulation which gives your skin a nice glow as well as naturally amps up the natural collagen, giving you a more youthful appearance.

    Types of Gua Sha

    The most popular is jade. Jade helps promote the blood’s circulation while reducing puffiness and brightening your complexion. Constant use will help prevent wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Jade is known as a protective stone that keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.

    Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz is another popular choice. The soft pink gemstone softens your skin and makes it brighter and tighter. The gentleness of the stone reduces fine lines and wrinkles and leaves a complexion with a luminous glow. Rose quartz is known as a stone that promotes love, self-love, and deep feelings of inner-peace.

    Black Obsidian

    Black Obsidian is known to help tighten pores as well as remove toxins and impurities. Regular use can help prevent breakouts and leave a tighter, purer complexion. Think of it like a vacuum of negativity. The stone is known to be protective and shields against negative energies.


    Amethsyt is great stone to help inflammation and has a gentle, cooling effect. Using this stone can help tighten pores and leave a younger, brighter complexion. It can help remove dead skin and help the blood circulation on your face to better oxygenate the skin. It is known to be a natural tranquilizer releasing stress and promoting a more calming aura.

    How to use Gua Sha?

    It’s important to always keep your gua sha tool clean. Rinse with soap and water before and after use. Proceed with your usual face washing routine, whether it’s a light rinse or a deep exfoliation.

    Apply your usual moisturizer, oils, or serums leave a bit of excess on the skin so you can easily slide the gua sha. There should not be any friction at all.

    Firmly holding your gua sha stone, start at the base of your neck and glide the stone upwards to the end of your chin. Find the natural curves of your body and face and adjust the stone accordingly. It should feel comfortable and natural. Repeat this 5-10 times on both sides and the middle of the neck while applying a soft but firm amount of pressure.
    If you see red marks appear don’t be alarm. That is the petechiae showing and is intended.

    Next, glide the gua sha in an upwards motion from your jaw to your ears. Think of it as iron your face and always pushing in an upwards motion like a face lift.

    I like to do my jaw area, cheeks (gliding from nose to ear in an upward motion), and my forehead (from brow to the top of the hair line). Many like to add a little wiggle motion when you get to the end of the glide to help stimulate circulation and release any knots and tension.

    Be gentle on the areas under the eyes since the skin under your eyes is very sensitive. You shouldn’t feed any rough tugging and only a gentle glide of the gua sha.

    You can use this as a morning routine and apply make-up right after or as a way to cleanse and relax before bed. Or if you’re like me, gua sha your face while watching TV or reading gossip on the internet since beauty never takes a break! And of course, gua sha is good for men as well!

    It’s recommended to include gua sha into your facial routine at least three times a week to get maximum effects. I saw results immediately after a few usages and swear by gua shaing now! It is definitely an unignorable part of my beauty routine.

    There are really no negative side effects, but of course, if you have very sensitive skin and are seeing any kind of irritation it’s best to stop and possibly talk to your dermatologist for any underlying issues.

    Get to ironing away those wrinkles today!

  • The Top 5 Pet Cameras

    The Top 5 Pet Cameras

    Ever want to take a trip but can’t bare to be away from your little fur babies? Whenever I travel I get a sitter that checks in once a day to feed and re-water my cats as well as give them some attention and scritches. But still, it’s hard for me to enjoy my trip because I’m constant wondering what they’re up to! We’ve all heard of dash cams for cars and ring cams for the door, it’s only inevitable we have pet cameras to watch our pets when we’re away from home.

    I know some cameras surveil the area 24/7 while some only turn on when they sense motion activity. I’ve also seen pet cameras that are able to give your pets treats and include a whole smart system that lets you know when food or water levels are low and allow you to refill from your phone.

    There are actually a ton of NEW products that fulfill your pet spy cam needs and the average price range seem to from $15-$150.

    Let’s take a look into the top 5 pet cameras to watch your pets from your phone while you are gone!

    Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio

    The Furbo Dog Camera is the treat tossing camera that I mentioned before. Not only are you able to watch your pets directly from your phone, you can actually make the device give your pet a treat. Most likely a dog or a cat, I don’t know if this thing can aim treats into a fish bowl.

    It has crystal clear 1080p full HD resolution and excellent night vision as well so you can watch your pet any time of the day. There is also 2-way audio so you can talk to your little fur baby or even be notified when your dog is barking.

    The Furbo Dog Camera is one of the more pricier options, obviously considering the smart phone/wifi features it comes with. After watching it for a while, I’ve seen the price vary from $118 – $129.

    Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera

    The Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera also includes a 1080p HD video camera where you can watch your pets directly from your phone or other smart device. It includes night vision watching as well as 2-way audio so you can tell fido how much you miss them or tell your kitty to get down when she’s walking on the kitchen counters.

    There’s also a neat feature where there’s a built in chat system where you can contact your veterinarian or one from a network tied to the Petcube Cam in case you have any concerns while you are traveling or on that work trip.

    It may not have all the bells and whistles of the prior camera that can toss your pet treats, but I do like the convenience of being able to hang it anywhere for a wider view of the room. It’s also a lot more affordable with a price around $33.99-$39.99.

    Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy

    An upgraded version of the Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera is its newer and more advanced model, the Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy. It contains all of the goodies its previous model has like a 1080p HD camera, night vision, and 2-way audio so you can your pets can ‘talk’.

    What it includes that its previous model doesn’t is an awesome laser toy feature! Keep your cat or dog company by remotely playing with a laser today, I know my cats love these things.

    It comes with an easy-to-use mobile app where you can access the microphone to talk and hear your pet, play with the built-in laser toy, and take any photos and videos if your pet being adorable even while you’re away. Or if they’re my cats, photograph evidence of them being naughty and scratching the couch!

    There is a built-in Alexa feature so you can dictate what action you’d like the app to perform as well as alerts you can set up to notify you when there’s any motion or sound, like your dog barking in the middle of the night.

    All of these robust features and the ability to play with your pet while you’re gone may cost you a bit with one of the more expensive models. Average price: $199.00.

    For more of a basic option but still providing all of the functions you need, a great option would be the popular Blink Mini company, made by Amazon. It is more of an all around camera for your home which includes many of the same features as the pet cameras like a 1080p HD camera, all though it is wired and you’ll need to plug it in where the previous cameras operated through wifi or bluetooth.

    The Blink Mini home camera includes 2-way audio and microphone so you can tell your pets you miss them as well as motion and sound detection that will send a notification straight to your phone if there’s a bit more commotion than usual. And all of this can be accessed from the super easy-to-use Blink app, which automatically works with Alexa.

    This camera is definitely a great option for those on a budget and is useful even if you don’t have pets and just want to keep an eye on your home while you are away on a trip. The average price is $19.99.

    2K blurams Baby Monitor Dog Camera

    The 2k bluerams Baby Monitor / Dog Camera is a great mid-range option that operates like it is a top-of-the-line product! It includes 2k resolution as well as a 360 degree camera that can swivel around and view the whole room. Like the previous mentioned cameras, there is motion detection as well as 2-way audio so you can talk to and monitor any sounds your pet makes.

    The 2k bluerams Baby Monitor / Dog Camera can also easily connect with Alexa for ease of use if you want switch camera angles or activate the microphone. You’re also able to receive notifications directly on your phone if there is any motion or sound detected.

    The bluerams cloud allows your to store all of your moments that can easily be accessed anytime you want and even offers a trial subscription.

    This is one of Amazon’s top selling products in general so the price can fluctuate a bit but there’s often great deals to be found. The average price is around $25.00-$40.00.

    There are many different options to choose from in all different price ranges containing simple features like just having an ordinary surveillance camera in your home to more robust options where there is more interaction with your pets.

    All are great options, the price of having relief of knowing your pet is okay while you are away from home on a relaxing vacation or a business trip is priceless. It may seem a bit excessive, but if you are pet owner, you’d totally understand!

    Some Other Top Sellers on Amazon

  • HUGE Sale on Personalized Canvas Prints – Wall Hangings, Pillows, Mugs, Calendars, and More

    HUGE Sale on Personalized Canvas Prints – Wall Hangings, Pillows, Mugs, Calendars, and More

    The holidays have quickly snuck upon us again and it’s that time of the year. Holiday shopping! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, birthdays, anniversaries, or maybe a gift for just because. My family and I have always been prolific gift givers, so much so that all of our houses are just filled with..stuff.

    This year I’m more in the mood for more personalized gifts. The pandemic has already kept a lot of the family apart these past few years, the thing I miss the most is seeing everyone’s faces. My little nephew was just a little, bitty thing the last time I saw him but is already walking and talking now and I hate missing out. Sometimes another gift box of expensive perfumes and lotions just isn’t all that satisfying anymore.

    I got tired of printing out all of the photos my family sends me and honestly, even taking them to the photo department at Walgreens/CVS doesn’t give the best results. They’re always a bit grainy looking and it seems like no matter what, they print the photos on the cheapest material.

    Personalized Canvas Prints

    This year I wanted to venture out and search for better options and found Easy Canvas Prints. They offer any size canvas prints that can also be made in metallic or acrylic material.

    Also while searching for what other options they have, I learned they can also create high quality photograph prints on blankets, pillows, mugs, calendars, and well…pretty much anything you can think of slapping your pretty face on. Even masks for COVID-19!

    How cute are these?!

    I have not tried these specialty products but I can tell you the canvas prints are definitely museum quality and as beautiful as the website claims. I am interested in making face masks, more for myself and my own designs, and possibly a big fuzzy blanket to keep on the sofa.

    The best part is that it’s pretty simple to create a product. You just upload what picture or design you’d like to use on to the website. Pick a product type and size. You can easily customize different size items if the preset options don’t fit what you need.

    The entire store is having a huge, holiday blow out sale with prices slashed all the way down to 93 % off. That’s pretty insane. A small 8 by 8 canvas was once over $70 can now easily be bought for just $5. That’s sick!

    They also make great decorations for a professional studio or art project as well. I’m big on large, minimal styling locations with the center decoration piece to highlight and accent the beauty of a venue.

    So chic and modern!

    The prints I got weren’t as big as this beautiful piece but even with a larger piece, I didn’t feel like the image looked warped or stretched at all. And since the prints can come in different materials like metallic or acrylic, you can customize a more glossy or matte finish.

    Fortunately, it seems these sales run often enough so they should still be currently available. Even if the prices change, it doesn’t hurt to ask their customer service if they’ll honor sale prices, especially with the holiday season coming.

    These masks will definitely come in handy especially with the delta, omicron, whatever variants that we’ll be getting hit with hard this winter. Be sure to stay safe and protect yourself in style!

  • Use Technology To Get A Bigger Butt QUICK

    Use Technology To Get A Bigger Butt QUICK

    Lets put it plain and simple. Doing endless amount of squats suck and I’m starting to get concerned my old rusty knees might blow out on me. Up, down, up, down…enough is enough. A big booty is coveted by all women according to every music video and social media influencer flaunting their bodacious back sides.

    Brazilian butt lifts are always an option, but has the surgical procedure really been perfected or is there a risk of having lumpy butts or butt cheeks that will slowly migrate and give you the diaper booty?

    I have been working with my trainer Jerrita for a year to get a J-Lo butt and along with a healthy diet, my butt has gotten more muscular but I’m still having difficulty getting this thang to plump up.

    She told me having a bigger butt is more than just doing 100’s of squats a week and an extra supplemental treatment would be to try butt massages. Sometimes the muscles need to be loosened in order to stimulate growth and not be so compact. Though she did not volunteer to provide me this treatment and I wouldn’t expect her to, we started to explore more automated options. It’s almost 2022 for Christ’s sake, there is usually some sort of app or technology for any need!

    I decided to experiment with the new trend of EMS butt trainers that help tone and stimulate growth and got some shocking results.

    Now, I had a little something going on back there as this has been a work in progress and really just feel like I needed an extra boost.

    I love my EMS butt trainer and use it for 15 minutes in the morning right after I wake up and 15 minutes in the evening right before I go to sleep. I do still try to go on walks a few times a week as well as other butt lifting exercises like squats and rollerblading but I feel like adding the the butt trainer device to my routine has dramatically sped up the process.

    Some healthy foods you should chow down on when trying to grow a bigger butt:

    • Salmon
    • Avocados
    • Flax Seeds
    • Fried Chicken
    • Nuts
    • Lean Beef
    • Fried Chicken
    • Bread and other Carbs

    A routine of eating a diet of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs, light exercise, and EMS butt and hip training is guaranteed to give you a bigger bum FAST!

  • How To Lighten Your Skin Without Bleaching

    How To Lighten Your Skin Without Bleaching

    Many people desire lighter skin, the multi-million dollar skin bleach interesting can be a testament to that. Products can range from mild face washes, lotions, and serums to a bit more harmful bleaches. That is what we’re trying to avoid, the complete skin bleaching whiteners that can seriously destroy your skin and are quite problematic culturally, giving the notion that darker skin tones are not beautiful.

    That is far from the truth. Most people who have darker skin tones don’t desire to be white or change their ethnicity, they just want a brighter complexion to accentuate their current beauty as is. Sometimes different make-up may not show up as well on different skin tones or some people, like myself, tan so easily even from just sitting out in the sun for 20 minutes.

    Sammy Sosa went from tall, dark, and handsome to Casper the Ghost!

    One of the most active ingredients in aggressive skin bleaching is mercury which can actually lead to mercury poisoning! Constant use of skin bleach can also weaken the skin and even give it a gaunt, grey tone that can give you that zombie-chic look.

    There are plenty of non-harmful ways to have a brighter, lighter, whiter complexion with out completing draining all melanin out of your skin. Many prefer not to lighten their whole body and just brighten up their face or dark spots.

    A lot of the more natural products may not give your dramatic results, but you don’t want to change too quickly anyways. The more gradual steps you take, the more natural your appearance will be and won’t alert others to your skin lightening efforts.

    One of my favorite, non-harmful skin lightening products that I swear by are Kojic acid soaps.

    Original Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap

    The original Kojie San Facial Beauty Soap is on my regular beauty product shopping list and just sits in my shower and bathroom sink. There’s not applying it and leaving it on for an hour. I just apply as I would with regular soap while I am showering or washing my face. Some say to let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing for better results.

    It can be used all over your body, only on your face, or just to correct dark spots.

    I honestly have gotten good, subtle results. It’s not as strong or quick as skin bleaching but even after a few applications, you’ll notice a brighter skin tone. It doesn’t have a harsh smell all though I do feel like my skin feels a bit dryer after use so I make sure to moisturize a bit more, which is fine because I’m already a moisturizing addict. I did notice that if you don’t use it often your regular skill tone will slowly start to fade back. Luckily the soap is cheap and lasts a very long time.

    Glutathione 1000mg Pure L Skin Care Pills

    Another harmless and even healthy way to lighten, brighten, and whiten your skin is to take glutathione skin care pills. Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant that’s already found in human cells. It boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body. It can deactivate the tyrosinase enzyme which is what helps product darker pigments. Since this process is already naturally found in the body, taking glutathione supplements can help boost, quicken, and strengthen the process. The higher the dosage the better.

    From my own experience, the whitening process is a more gradual than kojic acid soaps but with continuous usage, does lighten then skin and make it appear more brighter and healthier overall. Plus, glutathione supplements actually have a lot of health benefits.

    It is a natural antioxidant that helps build up your immune system, control inflammation, as well as help you feel more energized naturally and keeps your weight management in check. I’ve found it also helps a bit with psoriasis as well as helping preventing autoimmune diseases. I’m really not a huge vitamin taker so it helps that glutathione pills have a wide range of benefits from health to beauty.

    Glutathione IV Drips

    Another hot new trend for non-invasive beauty and health regiments is to receive glutathione IV drip treatment. This is exactly what it sounds like. Receiving glutathione through an IV straight to your bloodstream. Many people receive glutathione IV therapy for a myriad of health reasons like anti-aging, reduce inflammation, help detoxifying…and of course an unintended side effect is skin whitening.

    It may seem like a scary process, receiving glutathione or other vitamins through IV but it’s really not. It is becoming more and more prevalent and is mostly treated like any other spa day. The benefits of receiving glutathione through IV rather than orally is your body absorbing 90-100% of the glutathione instead of only 50-70% when taken orally. It is a gradual process and can take anywhere between 1 month to 6 months to see results, with follow up appointments being necessary. The average cost is about $150-$300 a session, pending on your location and how much treatment you will need to receive.

    With any method you choose, the key points to remember is that a more gradual, slower process will create the most natural skin tone. Fortunately with these methods the risk is not high, but it’s still important to watch how your body reacts as everyone is different. All skin types are beautiful whether you’re pale or dark skin. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a brighter complexion or to restore your skin to its natural pure state after receiving sun damage or dark spots from acne scars. Just be safe and love yourself!

  • Heal Your Anxiety Naturally With Music and Sounds – Steel Tongue Drums Can Awaken and Rebirth Your Inner Wiring.

    Heal Your Anxiety Naturally With Music and Sounds – Steel Tongue Drums Can Awaken and Rebirth Your Inner Wiring.

    An unforeseen side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is a 40% increase in mental health issues. Reclaim yourself and your life with out any harsh medications.

    Natural Vibrations From Earth

    When it comes to spirituality people are wary of more holistic approaches coming from quack doctors. The cure to anxiety is not some new medicine that big pharma concocted that may only offer temporary relief or even more terrifying, make things worse.

    From the beginning of time, tribes and communities across all culture have used the sounds of nature and organic noises to evoke feelings of celebration, spirituality, mourning, and war.

    Why Steel Tongue Drums?

    The strong meditative tones of the steel tongue drum instrument is calming and great for relaxing anytime. Meditation. Yoga. Sound Therapy. Hiking. Camping. Music Development. Simply place your hands around one of the drums and instantly master the art of playing blissful music.


    Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the ancient drum. Do you feel that? It’s almost impossible to have other thoughts with the high frequency, low vibration sounds entering your body.

    Even if you don’t have a musical bone in your body, you’ll find steel tongue drums extremely easy to learn. There are a plethora of tutorials you can find online or you can just follow the beat of your heart and inner vibrations. The key is to empty your mind and open up your body’s natural chakras.

    Follow These Steps to begin:
    1. Simply begin tapping different areas of the drum any way you’d like. Get familiar with the higher and lower tones.
    2. Slower rhythms will help ease racing thoughts and put you in a cathartic state. Faster rhythms can help clear aggression and work out inner turmoil bubbling within.
    3. If you are a bit shy, find a simple 4-8 beat melody and try to replicate it as best as possible. The great thing with these drums are that even just practicing and learning is healing in itself.
    4. With the number of slats or “tongues” equal to the number of notes it can produce. You can either use mallets or your own hands to produce sound.
    5. Always remember to empty your mind and BREATHE.

    Don’t allow anxiety to waste anymore of your time. Life is too short to be immobile with toxic thoughts and feelings. Reclaim your life and change the time you have left.

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