To Croc or not to Croc, that is the question…you ask yourself every summer when you’re in search for an easy, slip-on summer shoe you can run your errands in or have a low key beach day. Are Crocs still in style or will I look like a total dweeb for wearing them? Why is it that we have to worry about such items of comfort making us look like we have time traveled from 2015 and have since refused to update our style? I won’t even get into the dilemma we’ll face in 6 months when we’ll be Googling, ‘Are Uggs out of style?’

Well, the best way to gauge if a product is played out or not to see what celebrities are wearing them and my research has found that, yes…Crocs are absolutely still in style!

In fact, Crocs has been busy at work launching a new campaign to show Crocs to be more than just ‘dad, boating shoes’.

Justin, Priyanka, and Ariana… just to name a few celebrities rocking the Croc.

The brand has begun a collaboration with the Icy Queen herself, Saweetie, where the artist is promoting her Jibbitz charms.

“My fans can now put the icing on any outfit using the Jibbitz charms I designed alongside Crocs — one of my favorite brands and one that values self-expression as much as I do,” the musician said in a press release.

Saweetie can often be spotted wearing the fur-lined pastel pink and turquoise Crocs bedazzled to the max with her custom Jibbitz.

Fans can find the Jibbitz charms on the Crocs official website for a limited time.

Where Can I Wear Crocs?

While Saweetie can rock the Croc in any outfit and event, I wouldn’t recommend wearing Crocs at a dress code or black-tie event, all though I have been in the presence of a glorious individual who felt no shame wearing Crocs to an upscale wedding. Honestly, Crocs are so ideal for those who are planning on being on their feet for a long time.

They are the perfect work shoe and even include slip-resistant versions perfect for servers, retail, and those working on hard, outdoor pavements. The rubbery material has excellent shock absorbance offering support for your feet, ankles, knees, and back.

You can opt for a rubber or fur-lined sole depending on if you plan on being in a wet environment or cold and dry. While I love everything soft and furry, the fur-lined Crocs can feel like walking on clouds but don’t absorb water well. While the shoe is 100% water proof, it may take a minute for the fur to dry and if you don’t take care of their clogs or wet them often, they can tend to stink!

The amazing part is they’re so warm you really can just slip them on barefoot in the middle of winter and run all your errands while literally wearing slippers in winter.

Crocs have definitely remained in style and are actually having a resurgence in popularity.

How To Wear Crocs With A Dress or Shorts?

What do Crocs go with? The beauty of Crocs is they kind of go with nothing in particular and everything as well. My favorite wear to pair Crocs is with a light, airy sundress or shorts. It’s perfect for day-time wear, especially when you plan to do a lot of walking. I would love to say I’m the perfect woman and wear heels no matter the occasion but I would be lying! Especially now that most day-time activities include playing auntie to my girlfriend’s little ones, I am not chasing around nobody’s kids in high heels! No, mam!

Seriously, don’t think Crocs are just some plastic slippers you’d throw on with sweat pants to run to the store. All though if that’s what you choose to do, that’s fine too! You can definitely pair them with a bit more glam, day-time outfits and even use them as an excuse to wear bright, neon shoes.

How To Care For My Crocs?

One of the main benefits of Crocs of how easy they are to clean. You can literally stomp through some mud (not saying you should), have the mud dry, and have a spotless pair of Crocs after a quick cleaning. The best way to clean your Crocs is to just hand clean them with regular soap and water. Dish soap can help get off extra, dried up grime. If you don’t have the time to even do that, just throw them in your washing machine’s gentle cycle. No need to dry them after.

So the answer is yes! Crocs are still in style and the perfect clog for any scenario. It can make a dressed down outfit look a little more glossy and make a ‘too dressy’ outfit safe for a casual outting. Shop for the latest Crocs now.

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